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This is a guest post by Christy Gambrell, MA, which appears as part of the free Advent devotional available from the link at the bottom of the page. 

[evp_embed_video url="https://dearchristiancounselor.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/Rotating-world.mp4" autoplay="true"]Have you ever seen a picture of the earth from space? Have you thought about how that one ball holds billions of people? Now, zoom in to one newlywed couple in one tiny little town on one chilly winter’s night. They’re out in the shed. In the silence, a tiny baby weakly cries.

Into one insignificant little spot on this big globe the Savior of EVERYTHING was born. Heaven knew what was happening – a great many angels appeared in the sky to sing and shout the news! The rescuer of millions of people had arrived! But the world just slept right on. God became flesh in a quiet little moment. The keeper of all hope, love, joy and peace arrived. And almost no one knew.

Isn’t that just like God, doing things in a way we’d never expect? When Jesus was born, everything changed. It was a quiet little moment when Joseph handed Mary her newborn baby boy, but it shook the earth to its very foundations. It’s a wonder, isn’t it? The shepherds and the people wondered at it then, and it’s still wondrously wonderful today He’s here. Incredible news not to be matched again until the angels made another announcement about thirty-five years later: “He is NOT here, for he has risen!”

And this Jesus, He’s still shaking the earth. He’s still changing the world. The greatest gift God has ever given the world – He is still ours today.

  • Why do you think God chose small, quiet places and “unimportant” people for His birthday celebration?
  • Why were the shepherds so excited when they left Mary, Joseph and Jesus?
  • Compare how many people knew about Jesus when he was born and how many know about him now, 2000 years later!He is still saving the world! How has this salvation affected your life?

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