Who Am I? An Identity Workbook

cover thumbnailFrom adolescents just beginning to tackle the basic questions of life to new retirees searching for a passion, most people are engaged in a life-long struggle with identity. Who was I created to be? What does my story mean? How do I fit into the larger narrative of God’s Kingdom? Now there is a workbook written to help you understand your basic dignity as a child of God and to explore your own unique and very personal makeup. Who Am I? guides the reader through significant discoveries in chapters like “My Purpose and My Values”, “My Personality”, “My Spiritual Gifts” and “Communities Past and Present”. While it was originally designed for personal use, Who Am I? also provides an intimate and enjoyable experience for small groups.

The 70-page workbook is available as a free PDF download: Who Am I? An Identity Study.

Read what others have to say about it:

The “Who Am I?” workbook helped me to focus on who I truly am in the eyes of God rather than how I might be defined by the world. – Jen

As a group study, this was very instrumental in seeing that until we meet Jesus, we all have an identity crisis.  The group element allowed time to fellowship and grow together, taking all our brokenness and allowing God to bring beauty out of ashes during the course of these weeks we shared together. – Kay

After 35 years of searching…this study clearly helped me to see how I am made uniquely in Christ’s image. I realized it’s okay not to know everything but to trust more in God’s plan for me…no more faking it till I make it! – Kat