The Abuse Cycle

Feeling downPeople who are caught in an abusive relationship cycle may not even realize what is happening. None of us want to believe that someone we loved and trusted would take advantage of us – and none of us want to believe we might be abusing someone else. So we give it a different, more acceptable name: “jealousy,” “passion,” “over-reaction,” “mistake.” Everyone deserves a second chance, right? But once this cycle progresses beyond that second chance, a pattern has been established, a new normal, if you will. It becomes that much harder to see the cycle clearly. For that reason we have included a new download in our free resources section which outlines The Cycle of Abuse. If you have ever wondered or if anyone has ever told you that you might be in such a pattern, please take a look. While you are at it, why not look over our other downloads and recommendations? It can’t hurt, and it might just help.

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