Safe Inside Cancer

“You have cancer.”  Are there any words you dread hearing more than those?  Let me tell you that we who have already heard those words shudder at the memory.  Nevertheless, it is possible for the worst thing that ever happens to you to also be the best thing that ever happens to you.

I just received my copy of Safe In The Storm: The Grace of God, In the Midst of Cancer by my good friend, Steve Hatcher.  I have watched him walk faithfully through a year-long journey with multiple myeloma.  His honesty and wisdom have encouraged me and many others.  I hope that, after you read the excerpt below, you will use the link above to purchase your own copy and embark on an adventure you won’t soon forget:

All: I am still in waiting mode.  The initial shock of having to delay my transplant for a week wore off after a day. Thanks to many of you who gently reminded me that God controls all things in the life of the believer (Romans 8:28), including the timing of my transplant!  I had to remember that waiting patiently is part of the Christian pilgrimage.  Here I was, failing to trust God with my admission date when at the same time I said that I trusted Him with the much more amazing mystery of designing stem cells to engraft into bone marrow.  Another example of how I often trust Him with the big things, but not the small ones, specially when I am impatient.

So, if God wishes it so in His timing, I will enter the transplant unit Wednesday.  That will only occur after I have a chest x-ray and a doctor visit to see if I am “all clear” to go forward.  Please pray for that success with me.  Most importantly, however, pray that God moves me into the unit in His perfect timing, regardless of any schedule I have set in my heart.  Then pray that I will hear Him during that period of relative solitude.  Pray that you can hear Him, too, even without going into the desert.


Follow Steve’s continuing journey on his blog: