Ordinary Days

I cry to the Lord when I am hurting or exhausted. Even in my crises of doubt, He is the first place I turn for reassurance. I also remember Him in celebrations. I’m not grateful enough, to be sure, but I say, “Thank you, God.” Sometimes even out loud. It’s the ordinary days when I forget Him. It’s the hurried chores I can do in my sleep, the jokes I share with a friend, the errands, the mindless hours of television – that’s where He is most absent from my thoughts.ppg

I love The Practice of the Presence of God by Brother Lawrence. More than any other tool, his story has shown me how to maintain some consciousness of God in the ordinary moments. I have found God at my ironing board, in a crowded room of party-goers, and with me in the shower, as a result. A few years ago, after reading the book again, I determined to tell God that I loved Him once an hour every day. It’s harder than you might imagine. Humbling. I think I will try it again today – on this ordinary day.

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