It’s Going to Be OK

If I could tell you just one thing and have you really believe me, it would be this: “It’s going to be OK.”  Imagine what that would mean for your fears, your busyness, your perfectionism, your grief, your depression, and your anger.  Imagine what it would mean in your daily life if you knew at the center of your being, in your very bones, that no matter what happened or what circumstances appeared to indicate, that things would really, truly be all right.


We know that kind of comfort sometimes as little children.  The first shock of our own red blood issuing from a brand new hole can be tamed by a parent’s calm reassurance that it’s going to be OK.  Mom can mend the rip in your favorite shirt.  Jimmy will get over the measles.  Dorothy really will get back to Kansas.  It’ll be OK.


But somewhere before adolescence we learn that it isn’t always so.  We learn that if we don’t fix it ourselves, it might not get fixed at all.  The “C” stays on your report card.  The broken window earns you a spanking.  Your parents never do get back together.  We learn that we live in a fallen world which can’t always be pounded into submission with a little more elbow grease and imagination.  But we keep trying.  Hence the fears, the busyness, the perfectionism, the grief, the depression, the anger.


Good news, friends.  It’s going to be OK.  It really is.  If you believe that God has spoken in the Bible, then you must believe this truth.  Whatever has happened, whatever might happen, it all comes right in the end.  It doesn’t matter whether you can see the solution for your particular tragedy; there is one, and your Father has it all in hand.  A hundred years from now, you will see it, too, and you will laugh at your attempts to fix what God had already promised to redeem.  Cry your tears and mop up the blood, but then crawl into your Father’s lap and know His gracious promise: it’s going to be OK.  Our God ensures the end from the beginning, and because He does, we can live a life of confident hope.  It’s going to be all right.  It really is.


Do not be afraid, little flock, for your Father has been pleased to give you the kingdom. (Luke 12:32-33)


Encouraging Reading:

Romans 8
Psalm 33
Psalm 139: 1-16
Rev. 21:1-5

more relevant scriptures here

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