I Can’t

Thanks to my son, I’ve just been listening, to the beautiful song “Cielo” by Phil Wickham. https://youtu.be/FfjZGoXhuzE. He cries, “I can’t sing loud enough… I can’t bow low enough… I can’t reach high enough…” to express his worship of and longing for God. Normally, I can’t concentrate well enough to realize how shallow my meditations must be in God’s sight. But something about Wickham’s ethereal orchestration moved me first to tears and then to laughter as I tried to find some card I could lay on the table alongside the Gospel. But I can’t.

There is absolutely nothing which is as beautiful as God’s saving work on behalf of His doomed children. I can’t know deeply enough to internalize God’s truth. I can’t weep hard enough to set my remorse beside His grace. I can’t suffer badly enough to understand the cross. I can’t be grateful enough to show God’s worth. I can’t obey fitly enough to prove my faith. I can’t focus long enough to live for Him. I can’t connect firmly enough to rest in His peace. I can’t see far enough to find God’s perspective. I can’t shine brightly enough to reflect His light. I can’t wish hopefully enough to pray without ceasing. I can’t love ardently enough to display His zeal. I can’t think creatively enough to envision Heaven. I can’t praise richly enough to admire God’s glory. I can’t worship well enough to convey even my limited heart.

The frustration of my own finitude and the fact of God’s unfathomable greatness moved me to tears. But in the end, I can’t laugh hard enough to express my delight.