Grieving God’s Way by Margaret Brownley

This devotional book receives my highest rating, even though I hate the title.  Any time you tell me you are doing something “God’s way” I get suspicious!  However, novelist Margaret Brownley has written so beautifully and helpfully on the topic of grief that I will forgive her this once.  Her words are filled with the poignant flavor of personal experience which she gained after the death of her eldest son.  It must be this personal quest toward God in the midst of suffering which makes such a profound impact.

This is a short book which can be read quickly and returned to many times over.  In addition to the 90 days of devotional readings, Ms. Brownley provides a wealth of practical advice and creative outlets for the pain of losing a loved one.  As she succinctly notes, “the needs to change, grow, seek and create are all signs of healing” (p. 195).  They are also means to healing, and there is no lack of helpful, hopeful opportunities here.  I have used some of her suggestions already in my counseling practice, and I would recommend it for the friends of those who grieve, too.   I will be buying multiple copies to give away, and it wouldn’t surprise me if you found yourself doing the same thing.

If you would like more information, visit Margaret Brownley’s website:

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