Book Giveaway: Undaunted by Christine Caine

Author Christine Caine’s life is filled with daunting circumstances, from child abuse to being lost for days in a rainforest without food or shelter.  Her inspirational memoir, Undaunted, alternates one unnerving personal anecdote after another with a Bible lesson based on that anecdote.  Turns out that Caine is a preacher.  But I could have told you that without reading her bio.

The author and her husband are the founders of the A21 Campaign which provides legal and emotional help to women and child victims of sex trafficking around the globe.  This ministry is not the focal point of the book, but it does serve as an anchor for the first and last chapters and an example of Christlike ministry in the face of spiritual darkness – which is really the point of the book.  The reader is urged to take risks for the cause of Christ, finding His strength in times when human strength is insufficient. “Every dawn is a reminder that we have a new day, another chance to make the difference” (p. 194).  If what you lack is inspiration, you will find plenty in the words of this diminutive motivational speaker.

The publisher sent me two copies of Undaunted, and I’ll be giving them both away to people who leave a comment on this post.  Tell me your own story of God’s intervention in difficult times, times when you might have been daunted by hardship but saw the Lord’s faithfulness through it.  The deadline for posting your comment will be midnight, July 21st. I will pick two responses on Monday, July 22 and mail the book to the writers.  (One of you gets a new copy, one of you gets a slightly used copy!)  Make sure I have a way of contacting you – and check back over the next ten days to read others’ stories.

11 thoughts on “Book Giveaway: Undaunted by Christine Caine

  1. I experienced divorce last year, and it was the most taxing, emotionally straining time in my life. God definitely went before me and covered me with his provision and protection. I had his peace in the eye of the storm…

  2. Louise, you know mine…but for your readers, I will share that God’s faithfulness has been so evident during and after the loss of my husband to cancer. Being a single parent in a city with no family is daunting, but He provides in ways I never see coming!

  3. I think that I try to be a post-it-pad of past experience — both the good and the bad — they are around but I don’t let them stick too much in regards to what is happening in the present. Perhaps I’m in denial or am just showing signs of memory loss, but I think that this lose detachment generally serves me well.

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  5. Hi Louise! I am not too familiar with blogs so this is kind of new to me. I am sorry I have not left a comment but I do read every one of your newsletters! We have gone through tremendous hardship in the last 6 years with cancer, business loss, and finally the sale of the house Pat designed for us, but we are on the other side of it and healing. God was so amazingly faithful, though in the midst of it we had trouble seeing it. When we obeyed His voice, He surprised us in so many ways! On another note, I purchased “God’s at War,” a very convicting book. Thank you for the recommendation – it is a must read for everyone!

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