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Dear Christian Counselor,

Can a person have a fear of acceptance?



Dear Agapephobic,

That’s a little like asking whether a person can have a fear of chocolate or daisies. I suppose there is someone on the planet with a phobia of anything you can name, but if we were doing counseling together, I would certainly want to probe this question a bit more. What is it about acceptance that you fear? Perhaps it’s not acceptance itself but the steps it might take to get there or the disappointment that could follow for various reasons. If acceptance is too frightening, what would you prefer and why?


God’s greatest gift to us is His unconditional acceptance (agape love), and it is important to the Lord that we accept one another, too. Acceptance is regarded in Scripture as a blessing, so there does seem to be something in your heart or mind that is not in sync with God’s viewpoint. Chocolate cakes on the table with flowersThis fear probably keeps you from really engaging in Christian community which is also a problem. I would encourage you to explore further, perhaps with a Christian counselor or pastor. It would be sad to miss out on chocolate or daisies your whole life long. How much more heartbreaking to refuse to live in God’s gift of loving acceptance!


Accept one another, then, just as Christ accepted you, in order to bring praise to God (Rom. 15:7).

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